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home in harlem a few months before he died. >> you set on said on the record that you think the fbi may have given you cancer in a. >> almost certainly. extremely advanced and there's no question after the assassination of martin luther king, they themselves have had to change the method with what they consider to be leaders. and of course one of the best ways to do it. and they say jokingly that the 1600 the indians could catch smallpox and they could give us cancer with their laser beams today. and of course america is involved with a warfare. >> host: did the fbi watch stokely carmichael? >> guest: absolutely. very famously they have a counterintelligence program that has initially been started in the 1950s and is supposed to be anti-communist. and it quickly becomes something that is used to provide surveillance over civil rights activist and pro-democracy activists and black power revolutionaries and carmichael has an extensive fbi file. the state department, the united states intelligence services, the fbi is watching them all the time, especially for the black power speech of jun
bank. >> hans nichols with the latest on credit suisse. papers,ding to some fbi he might have had a hand that made caches play famous 40 years ago. the newspapers are next. ♪ >> welcome back. >>>> its newspapers time. elliott gotkine and hans are here. >>t have you got for us he? i should apologize to anyone who is sensitive about the second world war. this is in the jerusalem post. he is standing alongside angela who was here yesterday and taking a question from the press corps pointing to someone in a rather unfortunate shadow falling across the upper lip of the german chancellor. the photographer from the jerusalem post said when he saw it found a little amusing but did not intend any offense to the german chancellor. it is a sensitive issue here and in many places. this photo has gone completely viral. when it comes down to it, that was the only newspaper article i would show you today. anna's ties in nicely to story. >> i have another story about angela merkel of a completely different nature. this is a story in "the guardian." special relationship normally referring to the
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are the facts, at 9:00 this morning the attorney general went to his regular meeting at the fbi then walked back across the pennsylvania avenue to his office in the justice department for a regular 9:30 a.m. meeting with his senior staff in the big conference room adjacent to his office. an official who was in that meeting says that at one point the attorney general said i'm not feeling well, i'm going to excuse myself. you all go on with the meeting and stood up and went into his office, talked to his security detail and this official says the members of his detail persuaded him he should get to the hospital he was taken there by ambulance and admitted for some tests. the justice department said in a statement that he was resting comfortably, in fact, we're told the attorney general himself reviewed the statement before the justice department put it out. so he's obviously alert and talking to his doctor and talking to members of his staff. they say he's doing well. we're all waiting to finds out what the results of the tests indicate about what happened. >> and we actually now have breaking new
a photo of him in his room with what looked like drugs. the fbi got involved. parents and students alike were outraged and a settlement was eventually reached. i can think of a no more intimate way of spying on people than by using their web cams. it turns out the british version of the nsa known as gchq has been doing something not too different with millions of people with help from our very own nsa. the beginning of 2008, gchq conducted a wide reaching surveillance program known as arctic nerve. it saved images to data bases regardless of whether individual users were suspected of any wrongdoing. and you'll never guess what they found. basically, and i'm overstating here just slightly, people use web cams for two things. to talk to their grandkids as my parents do with my toddler, and in the words of gchq, to show intimate parts of their body to the other person. and shockingly broadcasting pornography. in fact there were such vast quantities of quote, undesirable nudity, the british agency struggled to store all of it and keep it away from the prying eyes of their staffers and they w
. in the year 2012 the fbi raided his house. the following day the fbi raided offices at trenton city hall. and in the fall of that year, cement 2012, honey fitz, aka napoleon, aka the little guy waurg arrested with eight other people including the mayor's own brother and the charge was corruption. the feds posed as developers and they offered the mayor a bribe in exchange for him ok'ing the development of a downtown parking garage in trenton. there was no actual planned garage and they were not real developers twaumpl a sting. the mayor said yes to the bribe. in february this month, he was convicted of all charges. he is due to be sentence in the may. and co-get decades in federal prison based on these charges and convictions. on the day he was convicted on february 7th, the associated press provided some helpful contacts for understanding how big of a deal it is for the mayor to be going to jail on federal corruption charges. the short answer is, it is not that big a deal at all. not for new jersey. since 2000, the mayors of newark, patterson, hoboken pass aching, asbury park, orange and
, putting it with the fbi, or a third party with no keck connection to the government tore telephone companies. >> governor breuer has a few days to decide whether to pass a bill allowing business owners to deny service to gay customers based on religious grounds. governor breuer is basing pressure at home and outside arizona. >> the opposition has been loud at the state capitol where protesters say the legislature made the state look bad. >> this bill is out of step with the people of arizona. >> opponents in the legislature described it as a trojan horse. >> this is discrimination under the guise of religious freedom. >> the bill written by the christian organization basically says a person can deny service based on a religious belief. >> if he you were asked to serve a wedding on the sabbath, you wouldn't have to. if there was a photographer that was asked to celebrate a same-sex commitment ceremony, something they disagree with, they are not asked to do that. >> governor breuer wouldn't say which way she was leading. >> i don't have to make a decision until friday. >> many arizon
reached out to the fbi and the da's office to do. i didn't know i would become a suspect. so yeah. a little blown away. >> reporter: this culture of corruption in the tight-knit community was not entirely new to the residents. >> some people would be struggling. if there was a burglary, they say they were always here late and nobody is doing anything. so we are not really trusting our policemen. >> reporter: the da says residents have complained about shady officers running the town for years and that is why they looked into it. after further investigation, they uncovered this massive scheme. live in king city, betty yu, kpix5. >> two other king city officers were also arrested on unrelated charges today. >>> we are getting our first look at the woman accused of going on a deadly rampage at an indian reservation. 44-year-old sherry lash rhodes was at arraignment today. she killed a bunch of people including family. >>> the san francisco board of education approved a policy to limit suspensions and encourage students who misbehave to get councilling. that is when they called for a
you access to the fbi files. >> then you will just have to find another criminal to talk to. >> we have an agreement. >> the agreement is for me to bring cases to year. it does not work the other way around. i am not a consultant. i have no interest in cases i have no interest in. find a hit these days with the new series, but you got one. >> we were up against some pretty stiff competition, but we somehow managed to break through. it only took me about 50 years. [laughter] >> what do you think is making this work? james spader. he is a masterful actor. megan boone has done a great job playing the young rookie profiler, and i think we have a good chemistry. you have diego and all. we are working well together and we respect each other's game. >> spader is a great actor and i am not talking about the blacklist, but through the this 50 year career you joked about, when you see stuff on paper and you have about who is playing what character, do you always -- i don't want to ask if you always know, but what is the feeling in the gut you get as to whether you will fit nicely in this ens
, investigators want the nature of the of the attacks. bloomberg reporting that the fbi is investigating and the collapse is calling many to consider regulating bitcoin. >>> nine years ago new orleans looked like this, hurricane katrina exposing a failing infrastructure, and a levy system that could not contain the floodwaters. now the new 350-mile levy system is already having problems. >> you have a beautiful wife there. >> katie's restaurant is known for its seafood. >> really nice, shrimp right out of the gulf of mexico. >> reporter: while the gulf gives, it also takes away. it took owner scott craig nearly five years to reopen after the storm surge from hurricane katrina burst through the levies and flooded him out. >> i didn't have the finances. i had to go out and work, rebuild, and put all the money that i made working back into this. >> because new orleans exist from two to 20 feet below sea level in different areas, the army corp of engineers created a system to protect the area from another hurricane, or worse. >> it could potentially come right through here. >> reporter: and
with his constant abuse and the abuse of buyers. >> congressman wolf says every fbi office in the country ought to have a task force fighting child sex trafficking. >>> a clerk with the prince william county circuit court filed paperwork to appeal the ruling that make's virginia's ban on same sex marriage unconstitutional. the u.s. district judge wright found the voter approved measure violates the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment. >>> in maryland more than 20 democrats in the legislature want to put a rush on bills to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. >>> maryland's public service commission thinks you should start paying to opt out of having a smart meter installed on your home or business. the one time or up front monthly fees take effect with the first billing cycle. after july 1st pepco, bge, delmarva power customers will have to pay, but you can decide which sort of payment you want to make. >>> a few million here, a few million there, pretty soon you're talking real dollars. today the folks who run d.c., maryland and virginia were talking real money they've jus
have something in your back pocket? >> yes, my badge, fbi. >> great answer. >> but the longest exchange. >> we get people's identity. >> really? >> be serious. >> the biggest mistake these people made. >> victor, don't. >> victor, i have -- victor, i have your -- the whole thing. >> keep your eye on victor. >> i already got it victor the whole thing. >> it's a fake, it's a fake! >> now according to the guy, he said he was being assaulted, but i think he might deserve it for doing a prank like this. >>> that's it for us here at "rtm," we'll see you next time, everybody. [son] she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams] >>> live from new york city, it's wendy williams. today the very funny mike epps tells wendy about taking on a more serious role in repentancr. plus oscar predictions and the latest juicy hot topics. now here's wendy.
an suv he thought was loaded with explosives to a bank of america. it turned out to be an fbi sting. they provide the vehicle and the bomb. he was mentally ill. he had plenty of the opportunity to stop participating in the phoney plot. >> a -- stored images from millions of yahoo web cam users. why so many people call it a violation. >> reporter: the web cam is an important way of how people commute and some user told us they weren't worried a -- >> a camera inside your own house. who can say who's watching who? >> according to reports based on documents leaked by nsa contractor edward snowden, they collected web cam videos. it was part of a program called optic nerve which tested face recognition software to see if it could distinguish suspected terrorist. >> it's typical and that's that surviolence is allowed no the u.k. >> i've been to london many times and you'll go throughout the city and there'll be cameras everywhere. >> yahoo called it a whole new level of a violation of users privacy. it was known to take random pictures of the users not suspected of wrong doing. but they s
in oakland. his plan failed because his supposed taliban connection was really an fbi agent. the judge said the sentence strikes a balance between acknowledging hismental condition and punishing him for the crime. >>> i just grabbed the shotgun and pushed him. >> for the second time in as many days, a bay area clerk takes matters into his own hands. >>> and some serious concerns about bay area workers being exposed to radiation. we investigate allegations of contamination at a notable piece of land in san francisco. >> >> then the oscar pistorius case comes to the bay area. why investigators traveled all the way from south africa to meet with apple executives. >>> and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're tracking heavy rainfall to the south. right now the radar is putting this into santa cruz, possibly after 1:00 in the morning, producing one inch of rainfall. we'll have details on the time coming up. >>> workers are clearing a notable piece of land in san francisco to make way for a major housing, shopping and office complex. but the land they're clearing has radiation
. the 29-year-old thought he was detonating a car bomb, but the fbi got to him first and supplied him with fake materials. in addition to prison, he agreed to get some psychiatric help. >>> a federal appeals court says a morgan hill high school was justified when ordering students wearing american flag t-shirts to turn them inside out. during a 2010 cinco de mayo celebration. there was a history of problems between whites and latinos at the time. >>> tonight, people in richmond are so fed up they are thinking of going to the feds for help. because of this. ceilings about to collapse. rotting foundation. kpix5 reporter christin ayers on how some apartments have turned into absolute squalor. >> reporter: like most nights, marilyn johnson is playing dominoes with the elderly man she helps care for. right beneath the gaping hole in his ceiling that has been leeing hot water for four years. >> maintenance came in about a month. and bandaged it up. >> reporter: this is just another horror story at one of the apartment complexes run by the richmond housing authority. two weeks ago, tenants g
de que no hablaban inglÉs. esta semana se les dio la razÓn. el fbi arrestÓ a seis oficiales por corrupciÓn, entre ellos, el ex jefe de policÍa y su reemplazo en el cargo, cientos de vehÍculos de migrantes hispanos habÍan sido confiscados y luego vendidos por los policÍas, muchos dicen sentirse aliviados. >> esperamos que se haga algo. >> la investigaciÓn dice que los policÍas detenían inmigrantes por algo quitarles los autos, y lo revolcaban -remolcaban con la empresa del hermano del entonces jefe. >> la primera vez que me lo quitÓ,el policÍa me dijo que ni Él tenÍa un auto así, para que yo lo pudiera tener. >> a Él le quitaron su auto cuatro veces, hasta que no lo pudo volver a sacar. para quienes persiguen patrullando las calles estos son dÍas difíciles. >> la comunidad ha perdido la fe en el departamento de policÍa, eso me afecta mucho a mÍ, porque yo he dedicado muchos aÑos y quiero ayudar a la comunidad. >> recuperar esa confianza tomarÁ tiempo, la investigaciÓn aÚn no termina. >> millones se preparan para asistir a la canonizaciÓn de dos papas,ser
. >> as you point out, there was a piece of shocking video they turned over to us and also to the fbi. you will see these little boys. a lot has changed, but what is most startling, as you point out, is their disguise. you will see the youngest, sasha, with pigtails. their hair is very long, and you will see the fathers looking at the video and what their reaction is to this whole thing. can you imagine being the stats, not knowing where these boys are, and having just this piece of video showing how their boys have transformed. >> unbelievable. you were able to track maria down. did she claimed she had a good reason to abduct these boys? >> you will hear from her tonight. we went looking for her, and we had multiple addresses. we end up at an address in geneva. her mother opened the door and said to come back in one hour. we returned, and maria approaches me. what follows is a lengthy interview about what she was thinking. how can a mother take her own boys away from their father 6000 miles away? you will hear how she tries to explain it, and we will find out where the boys are now. this
show, talk about benjam benghazi. when michael morell met with the senators he said to them, the fbi clamped us up on these. they called the fbi and they said we didn't do that. and they were furious. >> senator graham says the fbi was furious about that allegation and the suggestion the fbi was unwilling to share information gained from interviews immediately after the attack in germany with survivors. michael more michael morell has represented he didn't cord natuinate. the isn't a saliant issues, but we need to get to the bottom. >> if hilary clinton is nominated this is going to get analyzed and analyze. and michael morell is working with ner now? >> he is at a consulting firm she is partner in. >>> much of the country is getting hit with a round of frigid blast. temperatures in some spots are 30-50 below average. and we have another storm system around the corner. steve is outside of south philly where it is a balmy 40. >> we are way below zero when you talk about wind chills. what a weirdo winter this has been. record-cold here in philly and along the east coast and record warm
de adelante, entraban y salÍan por un callejÓn en la parte de a atrÁs. >> sgegÚn el f.b.i. el trafÁf u humano es el crimen de mayor e crecimiento en estados unidos, p pero para vcombatirlo las a autoridades necesitan de la c cooperacic cooperaciÓn de la comunidad, p e pues las cvicvi tctiÍctimas e i atemorizadas. >> las victiÍctimas u estÁn a vencidas, es que el trafÁfico a humano ha causado tal magnitud que los gobiernos de otros pai e pais paÍses han establecidos alian s alianzas. >> no solo estÁn protegidos, sino que sobre todo son su casa, aquÍ hay un hogar. >> ella dice que tuvo suerte, a bajo preersecuciÓn de losas autoridades los controladores la dejaron ir, pero no quedÓ en libertad hasta que no venciÓ la vergÜenza, gracias al consejo que un dio recibiÓ de un extr o extraÑo. >> usaron tu cuerpo, pero no e creo que hayan podido usar tu s espÍritu y tÚ eres grande, tu eres fuerte y eres valiente, no le debes nada a la vida, la vida te debe a ti. >> este domingo en enfoque an i analizamos la captura del chap a "chapo" guzmÁn, analizamos con dos
, presuntamente participaron en el tiroteo dónde perdió la vida naomi rojas . >> el fbi inicio una búsqueda para encntrar al sospechoso de una bomba . >> aparecerÁ en varios estados . >> 4 de los 5 oficiales de la policía de san francisco , involucrados en orden de cateo se declararon no culpables . >> esta semana ocurrieron dos robnos dónde las víctimas terminaron atacando al sospechoso . >> nos dice como debe actuar ante una situación similar, aquí más detalles maría antonieta buenas noches . >> un hombre armado trato de asaltar este supermercado, el dueño del local y un amigo evitaron el asalto . >> nunca se imagino la respuesta del dueño . >> entre a la tienda y el estaba forcejeándose con el, me dijo ayudame y empecÉ a ayudarlo ahí rapidamente brinque y empecÉ a tomarlo . >> el amigo, quiÉn vive en ese barrio hace años dice que no se considera un héroe . >> estoy contento, porque es mi amigo , mi vecindario y me alegra ayudar a la gen te. > > se siente como héroe? . >> no , sino simplemente como un amigo . >> la pol ide san mateo que llegó al súpermercado minutos despu
. fbi agents have gotten tips pointing them to the north bay and santa cruz. he's accused of setting off pipe bombs at a biotech corporation in 2003. also in 2003, he allegedly bombed a nutritional products corporation in pleasanton. he's been on the most wanted terror list since 2009. there's a $250,000 reward for his capture. >>> now to an nbc bay area followup. a southern california woman pleaded no contest today to an attack on blues musician lester chambers. you see in the video here, the 73-year-old chambers was in hayward last year for a festival when he dedicated a song to florida teenager trayvon martin, she jumped on stage and shoved him down. she was staged with felony elder abuse. earlier that day, george zimmerman was acquitted in the killing of trayvon martin. >>> what a headache. thou thousands of californiaens will have to redo their application for health care coverage because of a software error. cover california says it will contact the affected consumers and help them complete the signup process by the march 15 deadline. >>> san jose international airport is expanding
on anything. one of the scholars who was present there pointed out it's ludicrous the fbi and justice saying we can't share information, it might derail our probe. this witness used to work at the justice department and said that is ludicrous. there is no reason why they can't be continually updating congress. they don't want to share or may not be doing what they are supposed to be doing. >> there is new oefts that the irs is still going after conservative groups when it is vetting tax-exempt status. tell us about that, kim. >> one of the biggest fictions this year is the idea somehow this entire irs targeting thing has been solved and fixed. there was a story i had out about this one group the tea party patriots. they are still being targeted. they had been approached by the irs about taking a special deal. the irs said we'll give you your determination as a 501-c4 if you give up your speech rights. they turned it down and there was another round of harassing questions. the woman who runs tea party patriots suddenly appeared on the witness list to testify in front of congress and the day b
involving the fbi and the like but the point is to journalists today are also reworded for the eyeball grabbing headline that's substance so you will often see these things reported as fact that if you pull back and say that's not the case, that would be everything from famously 60 minutes reported a story about a cyber attack that took down brazilian power grids. it just didn't happen to withstand the power were great. a couple dudes took used rifles to shoot at power transformers in california, didn't take down the grid, but it did become a major news story in doubles street journal. now, i then bought a series of phone calls from journalists calling for my opinion on this cyber attack so it is a double layer thing. the last question about his area and psychological approaches at the very same time that you had over 600,000 people in pennsylvania without power. wall street journal has a news story that didn't leave anyone without power but then you also have a bunch of people interpreting that as a cyber attack. because somehow i keep you in all of these cyber powers. that is a probl
. top republican raises new questions about the f.b.i.'s investigation into david petraeus. he is questioning on eric holder, when he learned along with petraeus about the investigation. there's concern among lawmakers that the f.b.i. investigation could put pressure on petraeus over benghazi as he was a key player in understanding the obama administration's decision making in the days after the attack. here to explain all of that is our correspondent. >> thank you. this began last may when congressman pushed eric holder to investigate why the f.b.i. investigation into petraeus was still open. petraeus resigned in november of 2012 shortly after the benghazi attack and that was over an affair with his bio grapher. virtually every question at that hearing, holder said he didn't know or couldn't remember, even when it came to notifying the president. >> when was the president of the united states notified? >> it was much later. again, i'm not exactly certain but as i remember, like last fall, perhaps even early winter. again, don't hold me to exact -- >> and i appreciate that. and
on the incident. the prosecutors have been working with the fbi to gain access to the sprinter's iphone. lawyers will acknowledge have a few days to analyze the iphone records. i don't know why they couldn't crack open the iphone. i have a niece that can do that. >> they should call my son. that is exactly right. this is a very unique development because the prosecution, although they're playing this down and saying they have loads of evidence and are confident, they know they have to bet into this iphone 5. a tipping point. several witnesses have compelling testimony but they were not in the compound at the time of the crime. so no one will know whether or not they were able to get access into the critical phone. >> if you're prosecuting this thing you want that information as quickly as possible. i don't understand how you can put off a meeting with apple if that is necessary, for a whole year. >> that's right. and their response to that, which is curious, we had to go through the united states judicial system and the fbi, but i agree with you, it's very curious timing, and the defense is scre
unchecked for years because the fbi was conducting an investigation. now that that is over, federal law kicks in, meaning a number of these companies will be forced out of business, affecting thousands of patients and employees. companies threatened launched a counterattack. this person came to the news conference at the press conference today. denounce called ultra the d.c. government cutting off medicare payments to them, $400,000 per week's worth. we represent immigrant africans who want to get into industry they do not want to let us in. >> last week, the u.s. attorney announced raids for medicare fraud and 20 arrests, but nobody at altra was arrested, so the family asked, why are there workers here being punished? not everybody who was involved. some people are innocent. >> i don't want to move her. >> these workers received their last checks on valentine's day. city is not apologizing, saying that no one may have been arrested, but altra is suspected of fraud and under federal law the suspicion means they are cut off until they are cleared. that was put on hold because of the fbi
character in "the wolf of wall street." and bradley cooper goes. as an fbi agent in "american hussle." >> i think we fell in love with him. he gets caught up in this world. he does not have the tools to deal with the high ambitions of the feds, which is to glorify the fbi and takedown white-collar crime. it gets the better of him. you watch this man go from innocence to wisdom by the end of the movie, which is an inverse reflection of christian's character, the opposite. he is a perpetual child, 15 years old, wants to be a man. he comes across people who seem larger-than-life. how do you think this works, stupid? >> if you could not call him stupid, you work for him now, so be nice. >> tell me about what happens to richie and what he was going through as he was falling in love? >> he did not see that happen -- that coming. you see that happen when you are 15 years old and want to hang out with the older kids. as he gets there, it is overwhelming. what he thinks he can handle, he cannot. one of those moments, he starts telling amy adams, i love you. and she kisses him back. she gives him wha
he will not be charged in connection with that allegation. >>> the fbi is making a new push to capture one of his 10 most wanted terrorist suspects. a man wanted for crimes that happened here in the bay area. milborn featuring andrea santiago are going up in seven other states. it's also possible that san diego is living now outside of the country. he is suspected of two bombings in 2003 at the shakley corporation officers and the former kiro corporation. the fbi is offering a $250,000 reward for information that leads to his arrest and prosecution. >>> the medical examiner in new york city said today that phillip seymore hoffman was killed by more than an overdose. he actually died after a deadly concoction of drugs. you may recall last year the 46- year-old actor went for treatment for heroin addiction after 23 years of sobriety. >>> our storm watch coverage continues right after the break. take a look at this picture. one driver got more than he bargained for in today's rain. >> three times a san francisco woman tried to fly to hawaii without a ticket. find out how she go
in connection with that allegation. >>> the fbi is making a new push to capture one of his 10 most wanted terrorist suspects. a man wanted for crimes that happened here in the bay area. milborn featuring andrea santiago are going up in seven other states. it's also possible that san diego is living now outside of the country. he is suspected of two bombings in 2003 at the shakley corporation officers and the former kiro corporation. the fbi is offering a $250,000 reward for information that leads to his arrest and prosecution. >>> the medical examiner in new york city said today that phillip seymore hoffman was killed by more than an overdose. he actually died after a deadly concoction of drugs. you may recall last year the 46- year-old actor went for treatment for heroin addiction after 23 years of sobriety. >>> our storm watch coverage continues right after the break. take a look at this picture. one driver got more than he bargained for in today's rain. >>> there are a series of questions tonight about security at sfo after a woman attempted to fly to hawaii without a ticket three time
? >> isn't that amazing? everywhere you look the fbi, the secret service, i've got ags around the country saying we are going to go after the companies. everybody wants to get into the act. at the same time, it is the least prosecuted crime in the country, the fastest growing crime in the country. in 2012, 12 million americans were victimized by this. according to the fbi, every three seconds somebody has their identity stolen. while you and i are talking, maybe 60 people are going to be victimized. >> if i'm among those 60 people being victimized, what should i be doing to protect myself? what are the consumer agencies doing? s. >> we have this new consumer financial protection bureau that came in with the dodd frank bill. they have an idea not mandated by law. they want your credit rating printed with your credit card bill. you have a right by federal law you can get your credit report once a year. less than one in five of us is doing that. we just don't do it. they have this other idea. i'm skeptical about it. you are going to have a lot more people have access to that information. i d
lumumba on democracy now! the day after he was elected. i asked him about the fbi's decision last are to place his former client, assata shakur, on the most wanted terrorist list. but before we play that clip, i want to ask you about the media 'sverage, he chokwe lumumba election, and some who call the most revolutionary man in america -- mayor in america, and a lack of coverage. i was watching the networks last night and open the "new york times" paper edition today and i did not see a reference. for night watching msnbc hours. i did not watch every single second son may have missed something, but i did not see a reference. as bill chandler said, he died late yesterday afternoon. >> i saw something in "the times" this morning -- >> online, yes. >> chokwe is somebody you have to give this much time to really talk about. this is a man who lived, if you will, multiple journeys in his life. and he was quixotic to people because on the one hand, you could easily stereotype him as being some sort of radical -- he would say he was a radical because he did not see that as being a bad thi
on a real american hustle, an fbi sting called abscam that engulfed congress in 1980. >> the biggest political scandal to hit washington since watergate. >> reporter: and it was the first made-for-tv scandal resulting in convictions of seven members of congress, including a senator and other politicians, all caught on state-of-the-art surveillance taking thousands of dollars in bribes from phony arab sheikhs. one congressman actually stuffing cash in his suit with investigators claiming later he was hiding it from the mob. and like christian bale's irving rosenfeld, abscan's mastermind was also a con man. melvin weinberg, a flashy, bronx-born swindler turned paid fbi informant. we caught up with weinberg, now retired in florida. how'd you become a confidence man? >> oh, it was easy. you want to make a buck? i seen what was going on back in them days, and everybody was charging people points to get a construction loan or a mortgage. >> reporter: first targeting white-collar crime, weinberg and the fbi set up abdul enterprises, representing two mystical arab sheikhs eager to invest mon
asked the prior f.b.i. director, since you say this muslim community is like every other community in the nation, you know, how are the other outreach programs going with licks, ists, the catt the buddhists, -- the catholics, the buddhists, the jews? there isn't any outreach program. there are violent people in every religion, but as thomas jefferson was so shocked to find out, there is one religion that has a small component of it that believes that a sure way to paradise is to kill innocent men, women and children because they don't those religiously like radicals do. it's the reason thomas jefferson got his own copy of the koran that the library of congress still has. he wanted to see for himself. he was so well-read. he couldn't believe there was a religion that had a book, a holy book for a basis that would allow anyone to interpret it in such a way as to kill innocent men, women and children. there have been, to be sure, purported christians over the ages that thought it was their duty to go about and brutalize people who were not christians, but anyone who studies the teach
morrell accused the tbi of refusing -- the fbi of refusing to share those accounts. >> he said, mike morrell, the fbi, basically, would not share that information because it was an ongoing criminal information. my mouth dropped. when the meeting was over, i ran back to my office, i called the fbi. they also denied that their agents ever withheld information from the cia. >> reporter: in a letter to congressman rogers, morrell says he'd welcome the chance to testify, and he wants his previous testimony to congress to be declassified. quote: i hope you agree that a session fully open to the american people is in order so that they can hear the facts of what occurred and which clearly demonstrate that everyone at the cia and throughout the intelligence community operated appropriately. fox news also asked petraeus if he'd appear voluntarily, and there was no immediate response, jenna. jenna: catherine herridge, we'll stay on this story, thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. bill: with control of congress up for grabs in november, the battle lines are becoming more clear in washington.
. brian. >> reporter: right. the atherton police notified the fbi because of the threatening nature of the graffiti in spray-paint aimed at the richest of the rich. atherton, california, big homes, tall fences and now offensive graffiti. >> it's terrible. yeah. it's a terrible thing to do and to be here in town. >> reporter: a week ago sunday evening, vandals armed with spray cans cut a path through the posh part of town covering houses, fences and even a car and what they left behind weren't exactly works of art. the spray-painted message was almost always the same. i can't repeat the word that was used. but the target was the 1%. >> we go out and collect evidence, uhm, we interview neighbors. we look for anything we can that can point us in the direction of the people that did this. >> reporter: one of the writings had a more threatening tone, kill people. neighbors are on the fence about who did it. "occupy" protestors, gang members or teens with time to kill. >> i don't have this generation of child, i can't imagine this generation doing that. it's somebody with an axe to grind.
on this story. the fbi told us the release is now in the hands of the department of justice. so yes, we're waiting on fbi director jim comey and his reputation for doing the right thing even when it's hard. but if this is now in the hands of the justice department, we're also now waiting on attorney general eric holder. this story has not yet been the focus of a lot of national attention, but it's about to be. finally. now it's time for "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell. have a great night. >>> now even mitt romney is telling arizona governor jan brewer to veto that bill. >> pressure is mounting moment by moment on arizona governor jan brewer. >> the krien esing pressure on arizona governor jan brewer. >> to decide whether to veto a landmark state law. >> a controversial measure that would allow business owners -- >> let businesses deny service -- >> to refuse to serve gays and lesbians. >> this law, i mean, where do you begin? >> john mccain, jeff flake. >> the five republican candidates for governor -- >> apple, american airlines and marriott. >> and even three republican state
of an investigation. we reached out to the fbi and d.a.'s office to do it. but i didn't think i would become a suspect. so yeah, a little blown away. >> reporter: these two officers were also arrested in connection with a scheme and two other officers were arrested on unrelated charges. all told, one-third of king city's police force is removed from duty. some people in king city say they are not surprised. they have been suspicious of the police force there for some time. we are going to have more about that in the next half hour. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> all of the officers arrested were bailed out of jail within hours. >>> new this morning, a man accused of stealing a pair of google glass was caught on camera by the very item he stole. >> it's on video now! >> sarah slocom was wearing the google glass on friday. the man seen in the video at the bar eventually took the glasses. she got them back but her purse and cell phone were stolen and that's when she posted the video. >>> nasa is now lending a helping hand to california's department of water resources. the space agency an
or embezzlement. miller says he is not guilty. >> i was aware of an investigation. we reached out to the fbi and d.a.'s office to do it. but i didn't think i would become a suspect. so yeah, a little blown away. >> reporter: these two officers were also arrested in connection with a scheme and two other officers were arrested on unrelated charges. all told, one-third of king city's police force is removed from duty. some people in king city say they are not surprised. they have been suspicious of the police force there for some time. we are going to have more about that in the next half hour. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> all of the officers arrested were bailed out of jail within hours. >>> in a story only on 5, surveillance video is casting doubt on a san francisco company that touts itself as the greenest recycling firm in the country. brian mcveigh was a supervisor at recology. he set up surveillance cameras while working there and showed us some of the video. he says the video shows here a customer placing about 2 pounds of plastic and 3 pounds of aluminum on the scale into a
the fbi had an informant inside the highest levels of al qaeda. before 9/11. this is "special report." >>> good evening. i'm bret baier. we have new information tonight on just how far ahead of the september 11th, 2001, terror attacks the u.s. government had any idea of how dangerous osama bin laden could be. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here with fascinating details. >> thank you, bret. according to court documents the fbi source was in direct contact with osama bin laden eight years before the 9/11
in terms of history, and in the 48 years that j. edgar hoover ran the fbi, even hoover's secret files did not quite reach 33,000 pages. >> reporter: late today with scrutiny on the secret files mounting, the national archives announced it would begin uploading all 33,000 pages of the withheld documents to the national archives website starting at noon central time on friday, a process that will take about two weeks to complete. even clinton allies agree the drip, drip, drip disclosure of '90s era documents could prove problematic as mrs. clinton mulls over another bid to hold the job her husband once had. >> while it was a successful one, i don't think at this point bill or hillary wants to relitigate issues from the past. i think they would like to look to the future. >> reporter: by way of context, the eisenhower library in abilene, kansas houses 20 million records of which 350,000 still considered to contain sensitive national security data remain classified. bret? >> james, thank you. what do you think? do you think the clinton files will produce much? do you think those documents cou
's american hustle is a sweeping tale of two small town conartists. they're forced to help the f.b.i. and get entangled in a world of new jersey's mafia and political corruption. it has lived ten nominations. alexander payne's nebraska is a poem about a father and a son through trial and error they learn about each other while being reminded of the finality of life and the importance of relationships. martin scoresy returns with his comedy the wolf of wall street. this film is a rock through the greed and excesses of the financial world. this is his ninth career nomination. and alfonso cuaron, his film gravity also secured ten nominations. gravity is a 3-d space thriller about loneliness, courage and the will to live. >> the funny thing is before we start writing the thing we talk about space. so we defined that it was going to be adversity. we were talking about the scenario, the possible scenarios and that it was going to this image of an astronaut to the point. >> rose: how long did it take you to make it. >> total four and-a-half years >> rose: how much of that was getting the actors an
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